About restaurant

UzbekistānaOnce upon a time two travellers were following their Silk Road on the desert, they were exhausted by the sun and long journey. Suddenly a sole shadowy oasis appeared on the horizon. The younger traveller asked his weathered fellow: Is it Fata Morgana? But the wise man merely smiled: No, my friend, we have just reached our final destination – an oasis for exhausted travellers. It is a place where East meets West. This is the place, where exhausted travellers can relax and clear their minds, feeling how the ancient times meet modern age. Enjoy the magic atmosphere and skilful interior items, still keeping warmth from the touch of their craftsmen, as well as natural products and handmade gourmet dishes. Here everyone can cognise the mystical and unexplored culture of the East!.”

The younger pilgrim approached the wise man again: Is it a lucky omen? And the elder knowingly replied: Yes, you can say that, but I call it Uzbekistan!